Diljit Dosanjh reveals Jatt & Juliet 3 producer gave him a blank cheque to do the movie; quips “I signed the film and he went bankrupt”

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Actor Diljit Dosanjh revealed the much-awaited trailer of Jatt & Juliet 3 on Tuesday. He is coming back with the third part after 12 years. But did you know that he was going to reject the movie? During the trailer launch of Jatt & Juliet 3, Diljit revealed that when the movie was offered to him, he was planning to reject it. Then the producer gave him a blank cheque and asked to mention his desired amount. Diljit then had a word with his manager and researched who is highest highest-paid person in the industry. He fed the amount that Gurdaas Mann is getting.

Narrating that story, Diljit shared, “For the first time when I was called to do Jatt & Juliet, I had an issue with the producer, Darshan Grewal. So I went to him to turn down the film, but when I went to his office, he gave me a blank cheque and asked me to put in any amount I wanted. I had never thought about this. So, I took my manager outside to discuss, and we decided that we could not say no. We researched who charged the most in the industry then, it was Gurdaas Mann sir, so I decided to enter the same amount. We quoted him that amount along with TDS, so Darshan made us add Rs 1 lakh more to the fees.”

Further, Diljit shared how the producer went bankrupt after the film went on floors. He added, “I signed the film, went to Canada, and Darshan went bankrupt. Then another producer came in, when his funds started to exhaust, another producer came in. Three-four times the franchise saw financial constraints. We wanted Neeru Bajwa on board and she used to charge a lot, so we decided to lie to her that we were all getting Rs 5 lakh. She was paid more than all of us.“

Diljit Dosanjh also said, “If it wasn’t for Darshan Grewal, this film would have never been made. Even after the film became a hit, Darshan came to me with a blank cheque and asked me to fill the amount I desired. Actually, he is the one to set my standard in the industry.”

The film also stars Neeru Bajwa. Jatt & Juliet is set to release on June 27.

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